Martha H Greenberg

Beaker, from the Muppets

I graduated from MIT with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I am now living in Israel and am looking for a job. Here is my resume.

In my spare time, I am writing an open-source personal library system, called Thokbook. I gave a talk about Thokbook at Yet Another Perl Conference in Israel 2003. If you missed the talk, here are the slides.

I also gave a talk at the 2004 Perl conference, on System Monitoring with Perl. Here are the slides.

I am also a member of of the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB). Here is the SIPB web server, which is much cooler than the official MIT one.

I used to work at the Network Operations Center at BBN (Bolt, Beranek and Newman), now Genuity. If you want to see the sort of thing we did all day (and night), take a look the Smarties trouble ticket.

Here are some neat pages from a course I took at MIT: