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I'm an assistant professor at MIT, teaching courses in urban design, landscape planning, and urban ecology.

This is me in my office, which I share with an 8-foot sailfish.


I use this page to post syllabi for the courses I teach and other information about projects I work on, ideas I think are interesting, and an assortment of other odds and ends. Having a homepage lets me introduce myself to students (and prospective students), so they can recognize me in the halls and know what my research interests are.

[ They can also view my astrological birth chart, which could help them figure out how to do well in my classes : ) ]


...this is my "professor disguise" -- for when I need to travel incognito, or look fearsome.

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i teach ... in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning:



+ 11.305 Landscape Ecology and Urban Development

[ s y l l a b u s ]

+ 11.304J Site and Urban Systems Planning

[ s y l l a b u s ]

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.......you can send me a message @ [ khill@mit.edu ]