11.305  Landscape Ecology and Urban Development 		
Spring 1997:   "Urban Watersheds," Syllabus, Part I.

Prof. Sam Bass Warner, Jr. 
Prof. Kristina Hill

T-Th, 9:30-11 am


February Tu 4 overview of course: landscape ecology/urban watershed issues introduced Th 6 field trip : the Lower Basin of the Charles as part of an urban ecology Tu 11 a brief natural history of the Boston Basin; measures of water quality, biodiversity, and landscape pattern Th 13 a brief social history of the Boston area, with a focus on the Charles River Tu 18 No class (Monday classes held on Tuesday) Th 20 GIS and watershed planning (Saturday, Feb. 22, 2nd field trip -- Sunday, Feb. 23 rain date) Tu 25 GIS - land use and water quality (evaluation models) Th 27 GIS - predicting impacts of development (impact models) March Tu 4 So what does all that GIS do for us? (decision models) Th 6 Eric Adams -- engineering models for water quality Tu 11 Day 1: students present slide shows -- "looking at water in the metropolis" (turn in digital versions for the web site) Th 13 Day 2: students present slide shows (Optional Saturday, March 15, field trip to review stream conditions) Tu 18 parks as urban systems, Part I Th 20 parks as urban systems, Part II March 24 - 28, Spring Break April Tu 1 FIELD TEST! -- along Muddy River, ending at Sargent's Brook