A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 5

Comprehensive, including O and N

eeee hhhh nnnn oooo tttt uuuu

en en en en  ho ho ho ho  ne ne ne ne  nu nu nu nu  oh oh oh oh  to to to to

hen hen hen hen  hoe hoe hoe hoe  hot hot hot hot  Hun Hun Hun Hun
nee nee nee nee  net net net net  not not not not  nun nun nun nun
nut nut nut nut  one one one one  out out out out  ten ten ten ten
TNT TNT TNT TNT  toe toe toe toe  ton ton ton ton  too too too too
tot tot tot tot  tun tun tun tun

hone hone hone hone  hoot hoot hoot hoot  hunt hunt hunt hunt
neon neon neon neon  none none none none  note note note note
noun noun noun noun  onto onto onto onto  Otto Otto Otto Otto
teen teen teen teen  tent tent tent tent  then then then then
thou thou thou thou  tone tone tone tone  toot toot toot toot
tote tote tote tote  tout tout tout tout  tune tune tune tune

tenet tenet tenet tenet  tenth tenth tenth tenth  tooth tooth tooth tooth

Tune the tone
Note the teen not the tutu
Ten hot teeth tout the tune
The one nut to tote out the hen
None hunt out the tenth one ton nun
Hunt the neon then toot out the tune onto the tent

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