A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 29

Comprehensive, including B and X (This is it folks!)

aaaa bbbb cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm nnnn oooo
pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww xxxx yyyy zzzz '''' ,,,, .... ;;;;
Heathcliff Huxtable was played by the inexorable Bill Cosby.
An inexhaustible supply of Benzadrine merely exacerbated his disturbances.
Bruce Boxleitner explained to the extraterrestrial why Babylon Five was built.
The ambidextrous exhibitor was exhausted by the time he loaded the boxcar
with hobbyhorses.
Drop those xeroxes off in the mailbox; I'll get them in the bibliography in
five days maximum.
Mr. Balboa is pretty flexible with the textbook; it's probably excusable to
fall a bit behind.
Why Mr. Baxter went from Bordeux to the tableaux exhibit in Luxembourg by
taxicab is inexplicable.
Becky found the Bronx pretty obnoxious; though there was that Caribbean
restaurant that truly excelled.
The executives at NBC, CBS, and ABC all found it inexcusable that the BBC was
so inflexible and xenophobic.
An exuberant Bill Clinton blew into his saxophone before the ambassadors; it
was an extraordinary experience that nobody could explain.


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