A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 25

Comprehensive, including Q and V

aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm nnnn
oooo pppp qqqq rrrr ssss tttt uuuu vvvv wwww yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
Mercury and quicksilver are quite the same.
An acquisitive mind helped Pavlov evolve his theories.
QVC's involvement with Paramount may give it new verve.
Vivian's new volvo unequivocally vanquished her fears of driving.
According to Pravda, Vladivostok was a quiet village in its Soviet days.
This unique, opaque liquor does not quench your thirst, it makes you queasy.
David's vivid imagination and his inquisitive and inventive suggest a high IQ.
If Iraq was equipped to invade and conquer Tel Aviv, the U.S. may have quashed
that pervasively.
We've never quantitatively proven that a quaver is equivalent to a quiver, only
This revolutionary cardiovascular technique is representative of the
productivity here in Charlottesville.
"I've never had such quality hors d'oeuvres," Javier said assertively over the
tranquil sounds of Vivaldi, as he looked over the picturesque headquarters of
the Vancouver Civic Center.
Nirvana's inequivalent sequel to their provocative release, Nevermind, is
inconclusive.  Nevertheless, this quirky yet vivacious trio had evoked a
progressive sound that very well may give you a new perspective on irreverence.

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