A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 23

Comprehensive, including J and W

aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii jjjj kkkk llll mmmm
nnnn oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu wwww yyyy '''' ,,,, ....
Jamestown, New York, that's my home town.
The Joshua Tree National Monument is known worldwide.
"Wow," said as his jaw dropped. "That's a jewel of a wristwatch."
Jujitsu makes you to use your opponent's weight against himself.
Wanting the water to flow, Irwin twisted the faucet counterclockwise.
Woodrow Wilson's popularity went downward after the economic slowdown.
The old Jewish widow withdrew further, working with the wooden jigsaw.
Judy wondered if it was worthwhile to walk downtown to the Jewelry store.
I wonder if that Newsweek on the windowsill has the lowdown on Woolworths.
With awe, Jeremy awkwardly swallowed a whole slew of raisinettes as the
John Waters film started.
Wynonna Judd, after a whirlwind tour of the Midwest, waited at the
Waldorf Astoria for two weeks.
"Your Majesty," wrote Marjorie, "Nothing justifies prejudice. I can rejoice
only when there is justice."
The newsletter whitewashed reports of wiretapping in Congresswoman
Hollingsworth's jurisdiction.
"Hallelujah," wailed the janitor as he jettisoned the typewriter out the
window. The projectile majestically landed at the junction of Jefferson and
Winslow streets, just jolting, not injuring, a jogging tourist.

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