A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 21

Comprehensive, including K and M

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Kramer asked for skim milk in a melodramatic manner.
"My kingdom for a Macintosh," Maurice choked out meekly.
It's more sportsmanlike to say "checkmate" than "knockout."
Emmet felt homesick until Mom sent him that Hallmark Hanukkah card.
The makeshift cloakroom is a trademark of McKinley's decisionmaking.
Kim's nickname is "Kimono," an irksome mockery of her days in Yokohama.

There's not much homemade pumpkin ice cream and Smucker's hot fudge sauce

The filmmaker, in machinelike precision, caught the magma and smoke from the
immense Mt. Krakatoa on film.

Stock in Amtrak skyrocketed after McKeon's remark mocking spokesmen,
gimmickery, and smokescreens in the marketplace.

From to Katmandu to Oklahoma, from Stockholm to Kentucky, from Alaska to the
Kremlin, Kodak film is found in many, many cameras.

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