A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 19

Comprehensive, including F and Y, full upper/home rows

aaaa cccc dddd eeee ffff gggg hhhh iiii llll nnnn
oooo pppp rrrr ssss tttt uuuu yyyy '''' ,,,, ....

In Lafayette, crayfish and coffee intensify the lifestyle.
"I defy you," cried Finley, "to find a falcon as feathery as Godfrey."
Granny Fay left Cindy a frilly, yet unfortunately frayed, taffeta dress.
In days of yesteryear, typography did not signify only fonts and typefaces.

The youthful fantasy of Goofy and Donald left Frankey the fallacy that life is
often funny.

"After the fifteenth forfeiture," uttered the referee, "Stanford is,
officially, ineffectual."

Dreyfuss thought fondly of that hefty eyeful of San Francisco's fog, last
Friday near the ferry.

Geoffrey's faculty lecture on crystallography and diffraction patterns is
usually insufficient and faulty.

If you can differentiate psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, or psychiatry and
psychology, you yourself are a psychologist.

Yesterday, as they do each payday, Sydney and Clifford playfully ran off to
the fishery for frothy glasses of Henry's Draft Ale.

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