A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 15

Comprehensive, including R and ,

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Schroeder desires a career as an orchestra conductor.
A recurring procedure irrigates the orchard and the prairie.
Harrison, Harriet, Arturo, and Christopher are grandparents.
Reagan arranged an airdrop, near the northern Pretoria corridor.
The erratic Richard Rodgers production returned to the Curran Theatre.
Carrie read the transportation report as Rosie rehearsed her transcript.
Roger that, in the circuit, the resistors and transistors are corroded.
The Enterprise surprised Picard as it crisscrossed the restricted stratosphere.
The grocer reported that the antiperspirant had deteriorated.
Pierre Renoir regrets that Gerard Depardieu is not in Chatre, as desired.
Horns are characteristic to the rhinoceros and the Triceratops, a dinosaur.
Tia Carrere stars, narrates, and is the director in this torrid adaptation.
Gertrude, in her aristocratic grandeur, returned the carrots at the restaurant.

Ritter, a character actor, returned an
uproarious retort to the irritating chairperson.

The rhetoric, the grandeur, and the
scripture interpretation surprised the churchgoer.

The choreographer restrained his rather
strong terpsichorean urges, and did not dance.

The oceanographer reports that the interior pressure is inappropriate and
erroneous, and orders the radar operator to intercept the pursuer.

Ed Harris stars as an arrogant and treacherous paratrooper, interpreting, in
error, orders to torture a geriatric instructor. Though his side has
surrendered, he continues to oppress and interrogate the retired grandparent.
The aggressor is arrested, arraigned, tried, and, appropriate to the horrors
he practiced, prosecuted and incarcerated. The granddaughter, a stenographer,
nurtures her grandpa, and he recuperates, though his arthritis returns.

In retrospect, that paragraph incorporated a preposterous R proportion.

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