A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 13

Comprehensive, including C and .

aaaa cccc dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt uuuu ....

I can accept this pecan pie.
Each disc costs ten cents each.
The census counts us each decade.
Couscous is cheapest in Connecticut.
Cincinnati and Chicago...each U.S.A. cities.
The didactic speech on Chopin educated Chad.
Isaac cannot teach us the Chattanooga Choo Choo.
Scott Chen teaches in oceanic science at Antioch.
The cadets deduced that such antics caused chaos.
His stethoscope suggested that Connie had congestion.
I contend that a Hitachi scope can decode this speech.
The octopus descended to the Titanic deep in the ocean.
The stagecoach continued to pass the cacti in scenic Tucson.
U.N.E.S.C.O. accepted a chance at a conspicuous occupation.
Capt. P. T. Cohen needs access to a tactician in this section.
Insecticide succeeds in contacting the insect in a picosecond.
Cognac and scotch is an inconspicuous choice...thought Candace.
Topnotch associates to authenticate the ancient Catonese teacups.
Coco said coaching is a cinch...catch and toss...catch and toss....
The catchup accident at the picnic depicted Dutch as an apathetic nuisance.
It is no coincidence that this idiotic sentence has eight concise Cs in it.
The enthusiastic duchess noticed the Pontiac coupe...and decided to chase it.

I detect a headache...I hope it is not the
Schnapps and Cocoa I had as a nightcap.

The accountant...the C.P.A...conceded that
he had on occasion hidden cocaine in a coconut.

The cautious Canadian statisticians caught
inconsistencies in the second spacesuit design.

The Ph.D. conducted the Puccini Toccata...
an acoustic succession in succinct cacophonic staccato notes.

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