A Basic Course in Dvorak

Lesson 11

Comprehensive, including P and G

aaaa dddd eeee gggg hhhh iiii nnnn oooo pppp ssss tttt uuuu

The Huntington is in Pasadena
He has one pip on his insignia
I did not see Patton Against The Gestapo
I put the sponge onto the peg on the spigot
She did not postpone the hepatitis diagnosis
The USPS sent postage high on August eighteenth
Pete stops as he peeps at the Pepsi and doughnuts
Nothing is as stupendous as an independent opinion
I did not design this gadget that ignites potatoes
Neptune is the sea god and is the god Poseidon too
Do not dispute that pogo is as ingenious as ping pong
The suggestion that toothpaste is poisonous is stupid
I suggest that one not go to Saigon in a ship tonight
Giuseppe pigged out on antipasto and pungent spaghetti
The pianist is a passionate sap and sings insipid songs
Angus thought he needed a tenspot to snap up the headphones
Gina Esposito supposed that the signpost in Spain said STOP
The Spanish poet happened to paint his house indigo and sepia
Gus is assigned to get genuine snapshots inside the USGS ship
This pennant said Hastings on it and that one said Penn State
Gas Seepage in the Peugeot stopped the engine at the guidepost
Patti Eng has a PhD in the thespian sagas on Oedipus and Antigone
Tonight the teenage peasants appease the pagan suntanning goddess
The penguin gasped as its appendage pushed past the Patagonian ship
Seeing an aging ape eating pudding in a teaspoon is not too desponding
In this episode the patient hostages hug and sing despite the gunshots
Espionage at DuPont and Hughes is upsetting to the GOP and the Pentagon
Doug pauses as he puts the poinsettias and sagging petunias in the teapot
The indignant patient ingested a potent dosage to suspend his indigestion
Upsetting gossip at the pageant had Stephanie and Gina sidestepping opponents

Pat goes sightseeing at the pagoda
in Shanghai despite the gunshots at its apogee

The passage on Pegasus and the Aegean Sea
upon page eight is a poignant adaptation

In hindsight Stonehedge suggests the
indigenous geniuses had to depend on the sun and its phases

Daphne Stephenson has gone to Ghana and
Ethiopia and Uganda to audiotape the distinguished singing

The Pope stood in position atop the
highest point in Santiago as an aghast Angie Diego ingested peanuts

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