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Who am I?

Well, that's a very existential question, but I can present the facts.

I'm engaged to Jonathan Hunt. He updates his webpage about as often as I do, which is very rarely.

I work in Information Systems at MIT. I currently work in Telecomunications and Network Services as the Team Leader for Benchmarking, Outreach & Special Projects.

In November 1999 my family and I went to Hawaii. It was really cool, my sister has some pictures up on her web site - you just have to click through them. For some really cool information on the volcano we saw, check out Volcano Videos and The Kilauea Update.

I received my BS and MCP from MIT. I was in the Department of Urban Studies, where I worked on and off at the CRL for years.

I was an Athena Consultant (that means I got paid to answer those questions. Then I was a consultant for The Computing Help Desk in Information Systems at MIT. Later I worked for Residential Computing and with User Accounts.

My brother Jeff was in the Peace Corps. He was stationed in Madagascar. Now he works in Washington D.C. My sister Rebekah is 24. My brother John goes to William & Mary Law School.

I am the Facility Corporation President of the Zeta Mu chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta. This keeps me very busy!

I volunteer for the Red Cross as a Disaster Action Team member.

I'm a Bomber alum.

I used to spend a lot of my free time at Theta Xi .

Here are some links to fun things that I like to play with on the internet...

I moved the old stuff to another page.

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Alicia Allen