Some fun things I like to mess around with on the web...

I like to play games... On Prize Central I play solitaire and win tokens. If you win ALOT of tokens you can trade them in for fun things.

I like to learn about new web sites. On My Points I can get free things for looking at web sites and getting email. If you say that referred you, I can get more points :) This is worth your while, over the past year I've gotten about $100 in gift certificates to places like Macy's and Eddie Bauer.

I like to keep track of people.
I keep my address book updated through If I know you, you should send me a link request... This way I'll always know where you are! (and you can find me...)
I use SixDegrees for when I want to post for new roommates and other things that I want to tell to the friends of my friends. If I know you, send me a link request!

I like to give my opinions on things. I do this through several web sites.
I like to visit Greenfield OnLine. They have drawings for small amounts of money for everyone that fills out their surveys.
I also use Harris Poll online. Sometimes these guys pay you for participating in panels.

I belong to National Family Opinion because they are a real company that surveys average people for companies. I was filling out their snail mail questionaires long before they had a web site. Sometimes they send me money for filling out their questionaires. If you join, say I referred you,

I like winning things.
Two places you can win things are WinDough and Webstakes. It's not so easy to win, but it's fun to play occaisonally.