Guido Lorenzoni

4th year PhD student at MIT Economics.

Curriculum Vitae

Current Reasearch

"Interest Rate Stabilization vs. Monetary Control: Another Reconciliation", July 2001 PDF file.

"Household Wealth and Consumption Variability", January 2000, PDF file.

PEA Source Codes

 "The Parametrized Expectation Algorithm: Some Practical Issues", (joint with Albert Marcet), (in Computational Methods for the Study of Dynamic Economies R. Marimon and A. Scott eds., Oxford U. Press, March 1999), working paper version , book home-page, source codes.


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Contact Info

MIT Department of Economics, E52 243-d
50 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142-1347 U.S.A.
Home address: 26 Berkshire Street, Cambridge, MA 02141, U.S.A.
Office phone: (617) 253 8710

Home phone: (617) 492 7072

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