Technical Support for SAP (former technical support for $SumMIT)

Carolyn in 1983Carolyn in 2011

Carolyn Fuller $SumMIT/CAO Developer / SAP Functional & Technical Developer

I'm one of several client/server and mainframe software developers in the Comptroller's Accounting Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . We have developed and are currently supporting several applications used by administrators throughout MIT. Our cross platform client/server GUI applications all fall under the umbrella of $SumMIT . Our on-line mainframe applications can all be accessed from the CAO Menu on MIT's IBM mainframe, MITVMA.

If you encounter problems with either an application on the CAO Menu or $SumMIT, please feel free to call (3-6213) or send e-mail ( ).

I do my development on the Macintosh even though many of my clients use Window's machines. The Macintosh was the inspiration behind my move from mainframe COBOL maintenance programming to applications development. And it continues to be the source of my ideas. Designing applications that do business the way people do business is my goal.

Let me know how you think I'm doing. I support all of the CAO Menu and most of $SumMIT, but the following are systems I designed and programmed:

application / languageclient platformserver
SumPROP / Omnis 7 Macintoshes & PCsSQL/DS
ESandi / Omnis 7Macintoshes & PCsADABAS
Timesheets & Payroll Vouchers / REXXIBM ES9121 Model 480SQL/DS
MITCAM / 4th DimensionMacintoshes4th Dimension

Carolyn Fuller
Senior Analyst/Programmer
MIT Comptroller's Accounting Office
(617) 253-6213

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