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30  Bibliography

30.1  In Chapter 1, texts are listed of ten of the eleven stories in the collection. The eleventh, Gereint, still lacks a separate edition.  (see addendum You will find it in print in LLyfr Gwyn Rhydderch, ed. J. Gwenogfryn Evans (first printed in 1907, then University of Wales Press 1970 and reprints). This is a complete "diplomatic" edition of the White Book of Rhydderch. To quote its introduction, "The method followed is that of reproducing the manuscript in all its details: character for character, word for word, space for space, line for line, column for column, and page for page."

30.2  English translations easily available:

30.3  For general introduction: 30.4  Books devoted to individual stories include: 30.5  Background material: 30.6  For less academic moments, Evangeline Walton has published four "adventure stories from old Welsh mythology dramatically retold" and matching the four branches: These are published by Ballantine, New York.

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