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Appendix A: Lenition

This list is not meant to take the place of a more precise treatment, such as you will find in GMW 14-21. It only gives a guide to the relative frequency of lenitions in PPD1, and this must be read with the memory that "real" elisions may be confidently restored at this period, whereas "analogous" lenitions may often be disguised by the conservatism of Medieval Welsh spelling. Other people's counts will vary.
Cause of LenitionOccurrences
1a preverbal or relative84   
2ei 'his' or infixed form39   
3prepositions am, ar, o, trwy, tros, i, hyd35   
4feminine nouns after article24   
5ni, na15   
6subject or object after verb15   
7subject or predicate after 'to be'9   
8noun after positive adjective8   
9conjunctions pann, tra, yny8   
10yn adverbial7   
11some numbers (especially '2') 7   
15adjective after feminine singular5   

A very useful guide to Modern Welsh mutations, and therefore (broadly) to Medieval Welsh mutations:

Despite the title, it is in English and Welsh.

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