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Formal Information

Washington, DC 20001

Welcome to my home page. It's quite old and out of date, please see my profiles on various social networking sites for something more up-to-date, including: I still have a little bit of info here:

Computer related stuff

I was Course VI-3 at MIT (Computer Science, for those not from MIT), mainly because I love computers and enjoy studying them. Perhaps if you read the Loginataka you will understand a bit of what I'm trying to achieve.

I worked at Black Duck Software as well and developed their exportIP product as well as working on their other products.

I spent five great years at Permabit. They have an amazingly talented set of people, and a really fun set of projects to work on. Plus they have the best programming practices of any company I've worked at by far.

I worked at Maker, wait no I mean Conexant, no wait, MindSpeed... They kept on changing the name on me! But that's not why I left, it was a good place to work. I worked on their tools infrastructure, hacking on compilers, debuggers, and device drivers.

And the company I worked at while I attended MIT. I learned a lot there, and met a lot of great people. I was there for 3.5 years and had a lot of fun.

Stuff of interest to MIT students

These sites have info that many MIT students will be interested in, although others may find them incredibly useless. All a matter of perspective I guess. Well, I used to have the a "I'm still working on this page" note here, but I guess it's not really true anymore. Scary in a way. Good luck, and happy hacking.

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