Published Papers

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2. J. B. Estrada, C. Barajas, E. Johnsen, and C. Franck, "Interial microcavitation-based ultra-high strain rate rheometry," Proc. of the National Academy of Sciences. Submitted.

Published Abstracts, Non-refereed Proceedings, Posters and Presentations

1. J. B. Estrada, M. Scimone, H. Cramer, P. Hopkins, C. Franck, C. Barajas , E. Johnsen, Microcavitation as a neuronal damage mechanism in an in vitro model of blast traumatic brain injury, Society of Engineering Science 53rd Annual Technical Meeting, College Park, Maryland, 2016.

2. E. Johnsen and C. Barajas, The effects of heat and mass transfer on free oscillations of a bubble in a viscoelastic, tissue-like medium, 5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and Acoustical Society of Japan, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2016.

3. C. Barajas and E. Johnsen, Heat and mass transfer effects on forced radial oscillations in soft tissue, 169th Meeting Acoustical Society of America, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 2015.