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Hi. This is my home page. It gives some sense of what I've been doing. When I know what I will be doing in the future, I'll add that.


I am looking at the fluid properties of the solar nebula. Specifically, I am looking at the role of vortices in the coagulation of dust, and how this ties in to the formation of planets. For more detailed info, click here.

I presented a poster at the Astronomical Society of the Pacific's Stardust to Planetesimals conference. This is being submitted for publication in the NASA proceedings [dvi (without figures) and ps (with figures)].

The current work on my thesis is here, with additional work Part I and Part III (MIT only).

As I'm looking for jobs, here is a page of possible web site with positions and info.

I'll be attending the Protostars and Planets IV conference in July 1998; poster title. a figure

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