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Welcome to the original OS/2 WWW Homepage. Be sure to check out our page of User Information (which includes the HTML Edition of Timothy Sipples' Frequently Asked Questions List, links to the Warp Pharmacy, links to shareware, a comparison of Windows 98 and OS/2 and much, much more).

There are many other IBM WWW Sites and OS/2 Homepages out there. We also maintain lists of Web Surfing and Web Serving Software Options for OS/2, FTP Sites, Gopher Holes, and Internet BBSes, UseNet Newsgroups of interest to OS/2 Users, OS/2 Software Vendors and Other Operating Systems, and Other Computer Related Sites (corporations and magazines).

OS/2 User Groups are essential to the success of OS/2. Everybody should have a local user group, that they attend regularly, to share and obtain new ideas and information. That's why we keep a list of User Group Homepages here on the top-level page. If your User Group isn't here, please include it.

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This OS/2 World Wide Web Homepage was brought to you by the letters "O" and "S", the number "2", and the MIT OS/2 Users Group. This page is served by WWW.MIT.EDU, courtesy of the MIT Student Information Processing Board. OS/2 is a registered trademark of IBM Corp and is used without permission. Special thanks to everyone who's ever sent us link info. Send your comments, suggestions, and flames to os2www@mit.edu or use the nifty (optionally anonymous) comment gateway.

Explore the web! Let us know if you find anything not included here.

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