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Matthew and Jake get lots of mail. People say things. People like Matthew and Jake and they are very flattered.

Important Answers to Questions

1. Where is IHOP?
Matthew and Jake's navigational service reccommends you get on the Boston side of the river and head west till you hit the rotary, then go around a little while and the go to IHOP. It's on Soldier's Field Road, really. Then again, Matthew and Jake got lost last time Matthew gave directions.
2. Will you really die horribly from swimming in the Charles River?
Yes. Jake did it once.
3. Will the baseball strike be over before the postseason?
No. (Matthew and Jake apologize for taking so long to answer this)
4. If you wanted ice-cream, why didn't you just go buy some at a local 7-11?
Clearly, some people have never been to IHOP.
5. Where in the sky are the constellations 'Jake' and 'Matthew' located?
6. Are you guys gay lovers? Because you obviously get along really well and would make a good role model couple for young gay kids.
No, but they'll be role models anyway, if that's ok.
7. Which version of http do you use?
NCSA httpd1.3, with some of Matthew's special hacks.
8. Is it true that Matthew has Prozac for breakfast?
9. Who do you fancy more, Betty Rubble or Wilma Flintstone?
10. Why didn't you answer my question?
Because we're lazy bums. Really. Ok, no, mostly it's because we don't have time, but we do appreciate getting mail. We'll do our best.

Some important comments from readers

The best jello is firm and cold. People persist in the belief that you can snort jello. What a sad state for humanity. Only runny jello can be ingested through a straw.
i have 2 words commenting on your ihop adventure:
  1. rootytootyfresh'n'fruity (imagine it's one word)
  2. um... i forgot.

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