Matthew and Jake go to IHOP

Actually, lots of people went to IHOP. Terri, Bean, Derek, Richard, and Jeremy all went too. It was 4 AM. It was dark outside. Matthew and Jake and everyone else got into Derek's car, and went to IHOP. Vroom Vroom. They got to IHOP. Nothing exciting happened on the way.

Getting a Table

They got to IHOP. It was really crowded. Like, a lot. They asked for a table. They waited. Matthew and Jake waited some more. Ok, finally they got a table. It wasn't really as exciting as it sounds. They just sort of stood around. They sat down and someone said "Hey, doesn't the guy who seated us look like O'Brien" and Matthew said, "Oh, yeah". Then they all sat down. Terri started looking at the syrups. IHOP has a wide variety of syrups. Everyone decided what they were going to eat. Jake ordered something. Matthew ordered Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Hash Browns. Really.

Waiting for Food

Waiting for food was more exciting than waiting for a table. Terri threatened to pour syrup on Jake. Jake said, "Oh, no, please don't". She didn't. Matthew said, "Sometime you should call 1-800-I-FEEL-OK". Really. Jake said, "Yeah, you should". Then, Derek got out his cellular phone and decided that he should call it right now. So he did. Then the phone was passed around and lots of other people called. It was ok.


Food came. Yum. Everyone ate. Matthew and Jake talked to everyone and ate too. Then Terri said, "They don't have ice cream". Someone said, "Maybe they will this time." Terri didn't think so. She said "If they do, I'll pay for everyone's ice cream." And then Jake said, "And if they don't, I'll pay for everyone's ice cream". That was a silly thing to say. Then, the waiter came and said to Matthew and Jake and everyone else, "Would you like anything else?" Terri asked for ice cream. And Guess What?

Happy Ending

Real Ending

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