What is Caving?

Caving is a sport where you willingly submit yourself to claustrophobia, darkness, hypothermia, and pure adrenaline. It's great! Check out this introduction to caving to learn what we're all about.

How to Get Involved

The MIT Caving Club is open to all members of the MIT and surrounding community. To subscribe to our mailing list, either add yourself on Webmoria to caving-discuss@mit.edu or email caving-officers@mit.edu. We announce all trips and events there.

Current Officers


President: Sabina (Wasabi) Tontici [sabina22@mit.edu]

Vice President: Vera Zarubin [verazar@mit.edu]

Treasurer: Fiona Lin [fionalin@mit.edu]

Gear Manager: Josh Noguera [jnoguera@mit.edu]

Secretary: Alex (Mattapan) Tsao [alextsao@mit.edu]

Vertical God: Powers [powersc@mit.edu]

Poster Child: Rihn Hong [rihn@mit.edu]

Web Master: Michael Gilbert [gilbertm@mit.edu]



Crystal Wang [cyqwang@mit.edu]

dRachel [rbowru@mit.edu]

Elizabeth Truchan [truchane@mit.edu]

Ellena Popova [epopova@mit.edu]

Emily TenCate [tencate@mit.edu]

Emmett Krupczak [ekrupcza@mit.edu]

Felipe Barscevicius [feroz@mit.edu]

Franklin Zhang [nilknarf@mit.edu]

Lauren TenCate [ltencate@mit.edu]

Peter Schmidt-Nielsen [snp@mit.edu]

Riley Drake [riled@mit.edu]

The Ancient Constitution

If you would like to check out our very old, probably very outdated, but mildly cool constitution, go here.

Old Website

This website was redone in July of 2018. To visit the old wesbite, click here.

Please contact caving-officers@mit.edu with any questions or concerns.

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