Jake Baker Legal Documents Page

This page contains links to legal and quasi-legal documents related to the Jake Baker case. The SAFE Baker case archive has several other documents that may be of interest.

Currently Available Information

Judge Cohn's Ruling
The full text of Judge Cohn's ruling in favor of Baker, made available online by Stuart Beraha.
FBI Affidavit
A copy of the affidavit filed by Greg Stetskal, Special Agent Federal Bureau of Investigation to get the warrant for Baker's arrest. There are some typos, apparently from an OCR scan.
18 U.S.C. s 875(c)
The federal law Baker is charged with breaking.
Legal definition of obscenity
The conditions which define something as obscene, as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court.
Legal definition of threat
The conditions which define a communication as a threat, as defined by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.
Government Appeal Rights
Although it hasn't yet, the government has the right to appeal the dismissal of charges.
Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities
The University of Michigan's code of non-academic conduct. Particularly relevant are student rights (including freedom of press) and prohibited actions.
Regents' Bylaw 2.01
Authority of the University President
Judge Shelton's 1990 ruling on Hash Bash
A county judge's 1990 ruling permitting a marijuana legalization rally to take place despite the university's objections. In some ways, oddly prophetic of the university's handling of the Baker case.

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