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One-acts were directed by James Camp, Peter Floyd, Andrea Kennedy, Eric Lindblad, and Janine Wanee
performed August 8-10, 2002

The Universal Language, by David Ives
directed by Peter Floyd
A woman who has difficulties with the English language decides to take a class in Unamunda, the Universal Language.

The Perfect Thing, by Eric Berlin
directed by James Camp
A man finds he can say the perfect thing to get any woman's attention...and it's driving him mad.

The Poor Beggar and the Fairy Godmother, by Alphonse Allais
directed by Janine Wanee
A poor begger, consoled by an opera-loving waiter, is certain he could be happy if he only had 5 francs a day for the rest of his life.

Not Enough Rope, by Elaine May
directed by Andrea Kennedy
A woman is insistant upon committing suicide, but a series of obstacles frustrate the process.

The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, by Tom Stoppard
directed by Eric Lindblad
It's Hamlet, but condensed!