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Здесь пока только по-английски...

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to our wonderful Alma Mater, and welcome to the Russian House - home of the most charming (we have 3 professors of charm), the most beautiful (just look at the picture), the most intelligent (highest GPA of all living groups on MIT campus), and, of course, the most modest (quite obviously) people on the entire MIT campus.

Besides being excesively friendly and extremely welcoming, we are also one of the most hungry groups on campus. The Russian house dinner system, with our exquisite cuisine that will suit the most delicate gourmets, will most certainly welcome you to the worlds of cooking, oobing, shopping, as well as chewing, swallowing and simply enjoying the results.

Of course, "Russian" is not just the name of our establishment. Russian is the language some of us speak and also "the lifestyle" many of us practice or learn. "Oh my god" - you might be thinking - "That must mean they are drinking vodka like crazy and plotting the assasinations of the wealthy businessmen". Well... Not exactly. Regarding vodka, believe it or not, it is far from being the most popular beverage in Russian House. As for the assasinations - oh well, we all signed the non-disclosure agreements, so you won't hear another word. No, in fact we are a bunch of people, who like to socialize, sing all kinds of songs and sometimes even perform in KBH-style shows. (Russian equivalent of the improv comedy).

But, as you know, it is always better to see for yourself. So make sure to visit us, and we assure you that once you enter that door (located in house 1 of the New House), you will never leave. (Oh my god - we promised not to talk about assasinations anymore...). Join us!


Your Rush@Russian chairs

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