I am a PhD student in Computer Science at MIT, where I work with Prof. Tommi Jaakkola on Machine Learning.

My research interests include generative models, graphical models, deep learning, and learning under uncertainty or resource constraints along with their intersections with optimization and game theory.

Select Publications
V. K. Garg, S. Jegelka, and T. Jaakkola. Generalization and Representational Limits of Graph Neural Networks, ICML, 2020. (PDF)
V. K. Garg and T. Jaakkola. Predicting deliberative outcomes, ICML, 2020. (PDF)
J. Ingraham, V. K. Garg, R. Barzilay, and T. Jaakkola. Generative Models for Graph-Based Protein Design, NeurIPS, 2019. (PDF) (Code)
V. K. Garg and T. Jaakkola. Solving graph compression via optimal transport, NeurIPS, 2019. (PDF)
V. K. Garg and T. Pichkhadze. Online Markov Decoding: Lower Bounds and Near-Optimal Approximation Algorithms, NeurIPS, 2019. (PDF)
V. K. Garg, O. Dekel, and L. Xiao. Learning SMaLL Predictors, NeurIPS, 2018. (PDF)
V. K. Garg and A. Kalai. Supervising Unsupervised Learning, NeurIPS, 2018 (Spotlight). (PDF)
V. K. Garg, L. Xiao, and O. Dekel. Sparse Multi-Prototype Classification, UAI, 2018. (PDF)
V. K. Garg and T. Jaakkola. Local Aggregative Games, NIPS, 2017. (PDF)
V. K. Garg and T. Jaakkola. Learning Tree Structured Potential Games, NIPS, 2016. (PDF)
V. K. Garg, C. Rudin, and T. Jaakkola. CRAFT: ClusteR-specific Assorted Feature selecTion, AISTATS, 2016. (PDF) (Code)
S. Shankar, V. K. Garg, and R. Cipolla. Deep Carving: Discovering Visual Attributes by Carving Deep Neural Nets, CVPR, 2015. (PDF)
R. Kondor, N. Teneva, and V. K. Garg. Multiresolution Matrix Factorization, ICML, 2014. (PDF)
V. K. Garg, T. S. Jayram, and B. Narayanaswamy. Online Optimization with Dynamic Temporal Uncertainty, AAAI, 2013. (PDF)
S. Kpotufe and V. K. Garg. Adaptivity to Local Smoothness and Dimension in Kernel Regression, NIPS, 2013. (PDF)
V. K. Garg, M. N. Murty, and Y. Narahari. Novel Biobjective Clustering (BiGC) Based on Cooperative Game Theory, TKDE, 2013. (PDF)
P. Agrawal(+), V. K. Garg(+), and R. Narayanam. Link Label Prediction in Signed Social Networks, IJCAI, 2013. (PDF) [(+): Equal Contribution]