Tech Squares Standing Policies

Standing Policy 1. Adopting and Amending Standing Policies

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2018.

Section 1. Standing policies may be adopted or amended by majority vote of the club. Proposed policies or amendments must be submitted to the club at least two weeks prior to being voted on. Changes to the amendments can be made during those two weeks, including at the meeting, so long as the changes preserve the essential nature of the amendment.

Section 2. Standing policies may be adopted or amended by majority vote of the EC. The EC shall inform the club of any such changes it makes to the standing policies, and no changes shall take effect until two weeks after said notification. Upon petition by five voting members of the club, or majority vote of the EC, any EC change shall be delayed until addressed at a club meeting. Alternatively, the EC may choose to discard any change rather than bringing it to club vote.

Section 3. Each standing policy shall have a date by which it will be reviewed. Unless otherwise specified, policies shall be reviewed by the end of the third fall semester after adoption or re-approval.

Section 4. For each standing policy, early in the semester when it will be reviewed, the EC shall publicize and hold an open EC meeting to discuss the policy and any needed amendments. The EC shall decide whether to re-approve it (possibly with amendments), remove it, or refer it to the club for further discussion.

Standing Policy 2. Club Level

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2020.

Section 1. The club level shall be the CALLERLAB Plus program.

Standing Policy 3. Membership

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2020.

Section 1. At its discretion, the Executive Committee may grant membership to prospective members outside the class process. Such prospective members must dance club level proficiently and have attended at least four of fifteen consecutive weekly dances.

Section 2. Club membership does not expire, though a club member may relinquish membership, and membership may be revoked per Standing Policy 8.

Standing Policy 4. Elections and Appointments

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2020.

Section 1. Elections

Section 1.A. The elected positions shall be elected in the order in which the offices are mentioned in Article VII, Section 2 of the constitution.

Section 1.B. Approval voting shall be used.

Section 1.C. For each position,

Section 1.D. Candidates must accept their nomination to run. Candidates should be present for the election meeting if possible but are not required to be. Candidates are encouraged to make themselves available to answer questions if they cannot attend in person.

Section 1.E. Candidates present for the election may vote by written ballot once the club has completed asking all questions, and their votes shall be tallied with the rest of the votes.

Section 1.F. After electing all other candidates, Members-at-Large will be elected to fill out the EC. Some Members-at-Large may need to be students. All student-only Member-at-Large positions will be elected simultaneously first, followed by all remaining Member-at-Large positions.

Section 1.G. Members-at-large may not simultaneously hold other EC positions.

Section 2. Appointments

Section 2.A. At any time, the Executive Committee may appoint additional, non-EC officers, including but not limited to any required by the constitution or standing policies.

Section 2.B. The EC shall solicit suggestions from the club for each appointed position at least once each year, around the beginning of their term.

Section 2.C. Within a month of taking office, the incoming EC shall select and install a slate of appointed officers. The EC is encouraged to select their appointed officers before taking office, so that the EC and appointed officers can take office simultaneously.

Standing Policy 5. Meetings

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2020.

Section 1. Executive Committee

Section 1.A. Executive Committee members shall attend Executive Committee meetings.

Section 1.B. Executive Committee meetings shall be announced to the Executive Committee members at least 24 hours in advance.

Section 1.C. Meetings shall be open to the club except when sensitive or confidential information will be discussed. Open meetings shall be announced to the club in advance.

Section 1.D. Quorum shall be a majority of the EC.

Section 2. Club Meetings

Section 2.A. Club members must be present to vote. Voting proxies and written absentee ballots are not allowed at club meetings. However, candidates present for their election may vote by written ballot, as described in Standing Policy 4.

Section 2.B. Club meetings shall be announced to the club two weeks in advance. In case of cancelled dances or lack of quorum, the meeting may be rescheduled with at least five days notice.

Section 2.C. Club meetings may be called by the EC, or by petition of five voting members.

Section 2.D. Upon petition of five voting members, the EC shall put requested items on the agenda for the next club meeting and announce them appropriately.

Standing Policy 6. Class

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2020.

Section 1. The class shall be open to anyone, except that the EC may, at its discretion and for up to one class per year, limit the class to MIT students only.

Section 2. The Class Coordinator, after notifying the EC, may remove people from the class if they are interfering with the class or preventing other class members from learning.

Section 3. The EC must approve the list of class graduates. The Class Coordinator shall provide the EC with a list of class members, and provide a recommendation of which should graduate, which should not, and which deserve discussion.

Section 4. A class member must dance club level or be expected to dance club level soon to graduate.

Section 5. The class coordinator and up to three class assistants they designate may receive free subscriptions for the term the class is in session. Each person receiving a free subscription must be missing at least half of the club tips due to their service on the class committee. The class coordinator must inform the EC who should receive free subscriptions.

Standing Policy 7. Duties

Adopted Spring 2015. To be reviewed Fall 2019.

Section 1. Elected officers

Section 1.A. The officers may delegate tasks and appoint assistants, but are responsible for ensuring that all duties are handled, either by the officers themselves or their delegates.

Section 1.B. The President and Vice President shall

Section 1.C. The Treasurer and Vice Treasurer shall

Section 1.D. The Class Coordinator shall

Section 1.E. The Publicity Coordinator shall

Section 1.F. The Members-at-Large have no pre-defined tasks. They are encouraged to choose specific ways to help the club during their term. They will preferably consider such ways prior to election and include their preferences in their platform.

Section 2. Appointed officers

Section 2.A. The Booking Director shall

Section 2.B. The Rooming Director shall reserve rooms and handle event registration for weekly dances and other club functions, and help other club officers with rooming-related needs.

Section 2.C. The Rounds Coordinators shall manage the club's round dancing program.

Section 3. Club Jobs

Section 3.A. Club dances shall be run by the officers and other club members.

Section 3.B. A schedule assigning duties to these people will be published in advance of each dance. Such duties may include

Section 4. Additional duties

Section 4.A. The EC has several additional collective responsibilities. EC members, especially Members-at-Large, should assume responsibility for some of these jobs, and the EC should appoint officers to do the other jobs.

Section 4.B. These duties include

Standing Policy 8. Safer Dances

Adopted Summer 2016. To be reviewed Fall 2018.

Section 1. The Safer Dances Policy and associated procedures are standing policies of Tech Squares and incorporated by reference.

Section 2. The Photo policy is a standing policy of Tech Squares and incorporated by reference.

Section 3. These policies and procedures may be amended and shall be reviewed as with any other standing policy, as per SP1 "Adopting and Amending Standing Policies".

Section 4. In addition, the names of the Safer Dances Coordinators in the Safer Dances Policy shall be updated to reflect the people the EC has currently appointed to that office. Such updates do not require additional EC or club approval, beyond that required to appoint them.