A Square Dance Riddle Sequence

The following was called by David Resnick as part of his tip at Tech Squares Amateur Night, 6 August 1996:

One of the appeals of square dancing is the so-called "puzzle solving" aspect of the activity. In the spirit of that, in this sequence I'll give you clues and you can figure out what the call is. Trying to get your square to agree on things is a good idea.

Heads feel 25 cents and marmalade
Side men about face
What a door swings on
It's a backgammon variant
Tailgate the guy next door and hold the mayo
Stroll and evade
Crease the shortest distance between 2 points
Prepare for a sailing voyage
Female deer observes female deer
Go like a southerner to a small tsunami
Awesome jive thru
Make a breeze on the Driedel
Kareem Abdul Jabar and Robert Parish angrily sprint
Liberal Jive Thru
Banana ice cream sundae circulate
Lengthen, and a conservative and liberal big piano


  1. Think about it more.
  2. Read the answers.