Square Dance Resources

Resources hosted by Tech Squares

Tech Squares hosts the following square dance resources. Contact us if you have a resource you'd like help hosting.

How to Angel
Advice on angelling for the Tech Squares class
Sd - A Caller's Helper
Sd is a program that helps square dance callers write material.
Barry Leiba's Call of the Month column
Lots of articles to make you think hard about your favorite calls!
The tex-squares macro package for LaTeX
Lay out square dance diagrams with the typesetting package (La)TeX.

Recommended Web Sites

Vic & Debbie Ceder's website
Definitions of calls from A2 to C3B, as well as a choreography database, and articles about square dancing.
A useful website for those interested in calling.
Lynette Bellini's website
A useful site for Challenge dancing.
Call animations which cover the levels from Mainstream to C3B. Also includes a number of square games, so you can see (for example) how the C1 call "In your Blocks, Square Thru" works when dancing hex. (Click the settings button on the bottom, and the "Hexagon" setting is under Special Geometry.) It also has a Sequencer that can animate a sequence of calls.
Bill Ackerman's C4 Calls, Concepts, and Notions
A useful book for high challenge dancers by a long-time Tech Squares member. Part 1 covers calls, part 2 covers concepts, and part 3 covers "notions" (everything else!). Although Bill is responsible for introducing hundreds of new dancers to square dancing, this is definitely not for the faint-hearted!
Bill Ackerman's Unusual Coordinates
A guide to some unusual formations for doing Coordinate.
"Unusual Coordinates"