Directions to The Hayloft

Hayloft Barn
232 Podunk Rd, Sturbridge, Mass.

Mass Pike to Exit 9, I-84, Sturbridge.
After paying toll, take the second exit, Exit 3A, Rte 20 East, Charlton.
Travel approximately 1 1/2 miles, then
Left at light onto Rte 49N (to Spencer).
Make the fifth left 2.8 miles later; small street sign says "Podunk Rd".
(Podunk Rd goes only to the left.)
The Hayloft is about 2/10 mile ahead, on the right.

The hall is powerfully air-conditioned in the summer.  You may want a sweater during breaks.

(Note: The 2nd left off Rte 49 is also Podunk Rd (Podunk wanders a bit).  If you take this left, the Hayloft will be on the left in about 3 miles.)

Takes about 1 hour 15 minutes from Cambridge.
With Friday afternoon traffic, took 2 hours 10 minutes.  We left at 4:35, arrived 6:45, had dinner, and were 1/2 hour late.  Next year, leave at 4:00.

[checked August 2003]

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