East Campus

East Campus

3 Ames Street, Cambridge 02139

East Campus Desk: (617) 253-2871

Faculty Resident: (617) 255-6205

Here, you can see the west parallel of East Campus, one of the undergraduate dormitories. Each parallel has five floors; the fourth floor of the west parallel is called "41st West" by its inhabitants. Other floors that currently have home pages are 1st East, 3rd East, 5th East, and 5th West.

The following description was taken from the 1991 MIT Undergraduate Residences Guide:

"Hey! Stop that! Your fingers are cold!!"

At East Campus, there is "No time for reality!" Many of the residents spend their free time ____ing which, as you can imagine, makes things pretty ________.

East Campus is the largest and most coed dorm on campus. What gives E.C. its unique character is that it is made up of ten floors, each with its own personality. So, whether you are loud, quiet, outgoing, shy, like weird/fun things, or prefer a more typical college experience, there is a place for you at East Campus. We are friendly people who like to do creative things, but we can always learn more. So if you do out of the ordinary and otherwise interesting things, we would like to watch.

About forty people occupy each of the ten floors. Individual floors contain two lounges, a kitchen, three bathrooms, and 36 spacious rooms furnished with their own sink for your convenience. As a freshman, you have the choice of living in a double or a single depending on what floor you choose. As an upperclassman you are guaranteed a single. But that's not all! To add character to the building, halls have murals painted on their walls. So if you like to paint, there is a plain wall waiting for you.

If you are a social person then you will be happy to know that East Campus has a very extensive social calendar. Last term, East Campus sponsored seven dances, a skating party, two movie nights, a trip to see the Red Sox, fourteen FACs, and our traditional Spring Picnic. FAC stands for Friday Afternoon Club, a dorm-wide social hour held every Friday at 5:30 pm. They're a great way to meet people from other floors. Our Spring Picnic is an all-day event held at the end of April. It comes with free food, live bands throughout the day, and the Oddball Olympics which involve ridiculous relay races for cash prizes.

When the temperature drops below -10C, you may appreciate having a 6.6 second run to your classes (and a 2.1 second run away from them), a three minute walk from the Coop (where you buy your books), a two minute walk from the subway, and a one minute walk from the medical center.

For those who like sports, we have our own sand volleyball court and within 100 feet there are tennis courts, a swimming pool, and a gym. Next to the dorm there is a large grass area called the oval where many of us like to play football, softball, ultimate, and soccer. East Campus also participates in all these intramural sports as well as in basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, water polo, badminton, and tennis. We compete on all levels of competition, from serious to silly.

For those who like to lift weights, East Campus has its own weight room in the basement. In addition, we also have a brand new Foosball table, a ping-pong table, a pool table, and a video game room. If these facilities are being used, you can walk 50 feet to Pritchett, a student run cafeteria, where many East Campus residents work and like to hang out or play pool. Located in the same building is Walker dining hall, one of the main cafeterias on campus. If you decide that you do not like cafeteria food, you can cook for yourself. Each hall has a large kitchen with three stoves, three sinks, a refrigerator, a freezer, and a microwave. For those who like photography, music, and more, East Campus also has its own darkroom, a piano room with a Steinway, a computer room, and an electronics lab.

"Is that the end?"


We have everything the other dorms do and more. No other dorm will give you a pumpkin drop on Halloween, shaving cream fights, Black Bemis, hackers, a twelve year hockey tradition, a Beast from the East, rolling the Octagon, the lounge pool, and indoor slip 'n slide.