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Christian Andréason is a gifted award-winning singer and songwriter. At the same time, he also happens to be a Near-Death Experiencer who does heavy-duty spiritual and intuitive work. He has a strong Spiritual Therapy/One-on-One practice based in Houston, Texas where he has counseled thousands, and he holds classes and seminar based clinics regularly. Christian's website is - go over there and be prepared to be moved by the music! He is also in the process finishing a few books which will contain much of what you see here, and a whole LOT more.

The below is an abridged writing taken from Christian's upcoming book, The Ways of Angels. Christian originally shared this writing with an individual who was in the process of cleaning up a house where satanic worshippers had lived for some years.

All links and some headers were added by the editor, not by Christian Andréason. This writing is copyrighted and Christian has granted this site his express permission to share and publish it. To those who wish to copy or reprint this writing, permission by the author must be granted first.

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General Housecleaning

Everyday living and the process of cleansing energy

People steeped with a great Love for God (in their everyday living) [such as clergy] carry abundant amounts of Light. Where ever they go, so too does the Light of God. Asking these kinds of people over to have prayer with you is an excellent idea. In fact, I would plan on having a weekly prayer meeting in your home if I were you. All that need attend are
2 or more. **In fact, I highly recommend that everyone do this to bring greater Love and Light into their homes. Also, plan of having lots of happy and joyous occasions in the house! The Joy of the Lord is our strength! JOY IS POWER!

Remember that LOVE and the refusal of fear are great Spiritual tools.

If one has allowed or been exposed to Satanic ritual, (and I define Satanic ritual as anything that is anti-Christ in action, thought or consideration) then there will be an absence of Love vibration in that house. This weakens the protective layer of Light that God would put around a home, considerably opening it for attack and shadowy visitors. Pretty soon the members of the household find themselves being stressed and inundated by a stream of negative type thoughts and feelings, which influence destructive behaviors. This can cause a tremendous amount of chaos in the house and this is exactly what the demonic energy wants! It literally wants to re-decorate your house and your life to its own liking! It wants your house dark, dank and emotionally cold. However, once Love energy is produced (positive Christ-based action) by you and those in your home, whatever is there (in disincarnated Spirit/energy form) will 99% of the time be driven off. The vibration of Love will not jibe with its own low vibration, and the dark energy will want to scram!

I find more often than not, people who have negative Spiritual issues going on in their home, usually don't have a life where a "Christ-based Love Walk" is taken that seriously ... yet. While they certainly may think they "believe" in the saving Light of Christ, their unloving actions, attitudes and behaviors don't mirror that belief and a heavy price is paid because of it.

When one embraces the Light of Christ in his or her life, a supernatural energy then descends from Heaven and literally "marks" a person by putting a particular vibrational signature on them. With this mark, an individual then has access to an unlimited amount of Divine potential as mandated by God. However, should a fellow Christian misuse or abuse his or her position by falling away from the ways of Love, he or she becomes vulnerable to the attack of those who despise them for having moved into the Light. God allows this to happen so a Christian will always know that the ways of Love and Light are superior to the methods of shadow.

When we find ourselves saying any negative thing or behaving badly because of hurt or distressed feelings that is when we need to start becoming guarded. If we do not stay aware, we are priming ourselves for a lower vibrational energy attack! A challenging form of energy will find that we are a perfect environment for it to come and sit its self right on top of our own low energy field. This can greatly limit our human potential and drain us of our personal power and it will completely change our own unique sense of identity if we allow it. Overtime, a person will even find themselves doing, saying and becoming involved in all sorts of things that do not match their original standard of high character or integrity.

At one time or another, all of us fall short of high standards and will have to work through a dark energy or shadowy habit that has managed to wedge or attach its self to our Light. We remove it by becoming more Christ centered and Loving in our lives. This can take time, so we must never allow frustration to prevent us from applying consistent effort. Us focusing on being transformed into the likeness of Christ is what gets us there. If we work on ourselves with a sense of compassion everyday ... we will know great success!

Watch out for negative energy and thinking

The thing to be watchful for is what I call "demonic trouble type" energy. Watch out for severe aggression, greed and overt feelings of lust of any kind in the home and in our lives. The real problem with things that are seen as "sins," is they can lower our vibration and open us up for attack. Worry, gossip, condemnation, excessive lust, jealously, revenge, bitterness and anger are all sins that weaken the Soul. So, watch out for your vices and compassionately warn those you Love to do the same.

Once dark feelings and excess is noticed, ALWAYS evoke Christ based thinking and living immediately! Bubble yourself with Bright White or Golden Light! Send the Light 30 feet in front of you, behind you, on top, below and beside you. See yourself completely enclosed and protected in this giant bubble. Then within the bubble, visualize triangles (think of many Star of David's all one on top of the other) filled with the colors violet and pink spinning everywhichway all around you. Pray out loud in the name of Christ. Tell all unloving energies that do not seek the Christ Light as you do, that they must either transform and become ONE with the Light and Love of Christ or now ALL leave!

Sometimes certain Spirits who refuse to transform to the Light can be very stubborn, so I always open up the front door and point to the way out as I tell them it is time to leave! Then I call for Loving Christ Light Angels to come and help them get home.

The main thing to always remember is that Love IS ALWAYS our greatest weapon. Fear depletes Love. We are traditionally taught to fear and hate what we know as demons. Doing so only has us join forces with the same energy that motivates them. Do as Christ does ... no matter how things might seem, always choose to Love Anyway!

Methods to clearing a house

Christ Love kept in perpetual action is always the best and most supreme method to maintain a house, keeping it safe from unwanted dark energy! However there as some other methods that can reinforce your chosen methods of goodness, Love and Light.

Biblically it is written that the people perish for a lack of knowledge. The Holy Spirit has always made sure that those gifted with prophetic abilities hear what are many of the things that keep darkness at bay.

Here are a few of the things I know and choose to share in this forum:

Put good wholesome music on in your living spaces! Remember music is God's gift to the world and Satan wants to destroy it by making it dark. I often keep good music on and playing softly in my living room while everyone sleeps so that nothing tries to cause issue in the middle of the night. I Love the music of Enya. Enya is a great gift to this planet and I play her music in my house and car many, many times every week.

Not to plug myself necessarily, but my song, "ALL THE TIME" is used every morning (or night) by hundreds of people to clear their homes. The reason is because the music I choose in most of my recordings are very pure ... AND THE WORDS AFFIRM LOVE, FAITH AND THE POWER OF OUR GOD. You can go to: starting this summer (2004) to get my upcoming Storybook Collection CD which will contain the song, among others which hold very powerful vibrations and good energy. Another thing I do, (and some might think this is funny) but if the energy gets too funky in the house, I will play Christmas music. I always love to watch the faces of those who come into my space in the middle of a hot July day hearing "Oh Holy Night!" Not only are the songs of Christmas about the energy of Christ, they are about having JOY! Darkness, Love and Joy cannot all exist in the same place. Many times Christmas music can do just the trick!

Spiritually used for eons (by many cultures and Spiritual foundations), Sage is a great tool for purifying and clearing a space. I much prefer sage that is fresh and has been fully dried whole. In my opinion, every Christ-based Lightworker should have some sage at home. It is good to have a known place where you can buy it at a moment's notice (many New Thought stores carry it) or you should plan on growing some in a large pot at home. If you have a new car, a new home, a new office, etc, I would strongly advise burning some sage in those spaces to help clear whatever energy residue is present or left over from those who were there before. One of the great things about sage is it can show you where challenging energy may be hiding. If the sage suddenly billows, you know something is up! Another thing I would advise doing ... is to take sage into areas where trash is held, into all the bathrooms and into the actual toilet bowl area. Challenging energy is very drawn to waste, as it has low vibration and grey energy is drawn to it. (That should tell you a lot about what you are dealing with when you are talking about dark energy.)

Another thing I like to do when I sense heavy duty challenging energy is to grab a recorded audio copy of a Betty Eadie audio, such as "Embraced By The Light" and play the audio book on loop mode (or repeat) through my house. I then leave and go to the gym or go shopping. That way I know that even with me not being there in the house ... the power and Love of God is being SPOKEN! I cannot say enough about AFFIRMING what you believe and AFFIRMING THE NAME OF GOD AND GOD'S LOVE in your personal space! I promise you ... dark energy will not stay long to listen to that!

When you are feeling jittery, go take a sea salt bath using essential oils. Lavender and mint are wonderful oils to use in combination and in small amounts. Be sure to mix about 3 to 6 drops of the oils (each) with a few tablespoons of some kind of carrier oil. This is a lubricant based oil of either olive oil, peanut oil, lanolin, vitamin E oil or a combination of all of them that helps the essential oils not be so intensive and burn the skin while you are in the bath. You can increase the dose as you feel you need to, but be cautious ... a little oil tends to go a long way.

Another method of using essential oils is to boil a teaspoon of a combination of mint oils. Use peppermint, spearmint and winter green oil and defuse it in some water. Next CAREFULLY take the steaming pot through the entire house prayerfully. Speak in the names of God, Christ and The Holy Spirit in each room. Remember that God's name to us humans is Love. Say aloud, "God is Love. Love and I are one!"

SING songs of praise to God! I have found at times that will drive a dark energy out of a space when nothing else will!

Frequency Sanitation

Negative energy can travel on top of house current...

Be very careful of the television shows, radio shows and harsh or abrasive sounding commercials that come across the air waves!

If there is one thing I would like to tell the world about how dark energy travels in mass it is this ... satanic energy moves via frequency and electrical current. If you ever want to clairsentiently test the energy in your home ... turn off the power in your house for an hour and sit and observe how you feel. If you don't like the way you feel, do some of the methods I spoke of above, and with audio music, use a battery operated jam box, rather than one plugged in.

Many times I have done my best and most successful house clearings ... after I had the power temporarily turned off.

But even worse is TV and radio frequency

What the satanic energy wants us to remain unaware of ... is many LOW frequencies can enter our homes through television, radio and other forms of electrical waves. These then ring a tone in the upper atmosphere of the space and draw (or call out to) local low vibrational entities or dark Spirits nearby, and summon them like nothing else can. Of all the culprits ... I find that TV can be among the very worst offenders giving rapid transport of dark energy into our homes!

Letting the TV to play excessively in your home is like opening up the front door and calling out to anyone who would like to come in and stomp mud through your house -- then leaving it for you to clean up all by yourself. Not a good idea!

Don't harmonize with low vibration programming

If a particular TV show or movie has a very low vibration and unpositive message to it; and our Soul then seeks to harmonize with it ... this can bring our inner vibration way down an enormous amount! It can even affect our immunity, making us prone to catch a cold or a virus.

Ever notice how you watch a bad TV show and then you just feel terrible after? This kind of thing is occurring to millions without anyone ever realizing what just happened. No wonder so many have so many challenging issues to deal with! During my one-on-one sessions, I have learned to ask the people who come to me about everyday TV consumption. When these individuals take my advice and lay off watching the tube for a good while, many report back great results. I highly recommend that especially during times of illness or emotional disruption ... keep the TV off as much as possible.

Train yourself to go for long periods without watching the television.

I myself try to go long periods of keeping the television off. With frequency being dangerous enough, the negative thoughts and bombastic energy that others thoughtlessly put out there for us to be influenced by can drag us down. When you do watch TV, I would recommend that you mute the commercials unless there is something you are interested in and want to see. With the news, be especially careful! Lots of negative seeds can be planted there.

For many years I have gone without watching TV or listening to the radio for very long periods of time and the impact it makes on my life and consciousness is always tremendous. There is a great deal of lower animal and common conscious thinking pushed through the programs we watch and I find that I am much better off without a steady diet of it. Remember: You are what you think about and what you think about is what you become!

One of the biggest problems with television consumption and people today, is that we tend to blindly allow the media to control our thinking for us. It is human nature to be led and influenced by others, but with the combination of challenging frequency and lower unLoving forms of thinking and consciousness, we can becoming terribly numbed and led in destructive directions. Today, the media tells us what to buy, what to wear, what to eat and how to think about others and unfortunately, it is not often we see others in this day and age coming from a wise, compassionate and Christ centered point of view.

Angels are everywhere - and I am not saying there is not goodness present on TV; however, to find a human Angel working for God on a TV program, you have to do some serious channel surfing! Now, I am in no way saying that all people on TV need to be religious or overtly Spiritual. What I am saying however, is that with all the popular reality based television and all the slanderizing programming going on all around us, it is easy to be made into a big numb bunny in no time flat. If what you are watching has no trace of Loving energy in it, please know that you are making yourself vulnerable. Be prepared to do some major clean up work in the house after your challenging program is over.

Most of the time, I choose to watch movies instead of viewing television. My Spirit will always guide me toward the best or most appropriate movies to watch, so my consciousness does not get too cluttered. I ALWAYS seek to stay away from violence and horror movies. There is too much of that in the world already and I do not want to fill my mind with thoughts and images of that variety.

Sometimes I will go ahead and watch a certain things that I know are not always in my best interest, but I do so knowing I am putting myself at risk if I let my guard down. I will pray for guardian angels to come and filter what challenging energy might seep through. Yet, at the same time I am always mindful that Spirit expects me to live by the Universal law of cause and effect and Spiritual responsibility. So I try to do what I feel Spirit telling me to do. If I hear "turn it off" ... and I don't ... I AM ALWAYS SORRY IN THE END!

Why prerecording programs can be safer

I have often been asked why would watching movies on DVD or video be much safer than viewing live TV?

I answer this by saying: with movies there is much less of an impact on your unconsciousness mind because with TV there is a LIVE transmission in progress and with LIVE TV there are different frequencies and tones coming through all at once ... this effects the subliminal mind tremendously. Take a look at and listen to a transmission that comes across a non-broadcast channels and you will understand what I am talking about. It looks like a million bits of gray and black particles swirling around in chaos, and the sound is very disturbing! Now think of that going through your entire house and person as energy! Well, that is what IS going on around a lot of houses and people.

Lots of "seemingly innocent" dark tampering frequency can come through a TV transmission in only a few seconds. And once it is through, it works using frequency to alter your consciousness and perceptions.

The sensitivity of the Subconscious

Your Soul is a device that decodes and stores all the information it receives in you subconscious mind. This is one of the reasons so many of us seem to have crazy dreams. In our sleep, the subconscious mind breaks down and decodes the frequency transmissions it received that very day. Then according to the frequency, we will find ourselves drawn to certain astral places to visit when we sleep so that we can better understand the energy we just absorbed. Sometimes our mind will need extra time to sort out things we saw on TV that disturbed us and may be draining our energy. This can be another reason why ample amounts of sleep are so important for us who journey a great deal with Spirit. In fact, I find that the more intuitive a person is the greater amount of sleep they will usually feel they need to have. (Especially during times when they are being inundated by energy!)

Today I find that many are very ashamed of their need for lots of sleep, not understanding this principal, yet I tell you the truth ... a lot is being dealt with in the psychic mind during sleep. If we do not get enough worked out, we may develop symptoms of chronic fatigue and this is a reason so many are experiencing feeling so tired all the time.

Babies and young children (who are naturally psychic and clairsentient) need sleep constantly. The reason for this is because they tap deeply into the realm of Heaven and Spirit.

I say this about babies and YOUNG CHILDREN because you ALWAYS want to keep your house pure and clean so they might be able to clearly process the amazing subliminal messages they receive hour to hour. If a house is dysfunctional and cluttered with too much challenging energy, then the children will not Spiritually download and process the data Spirit would have them know. This can explain why many children develop emotional problems in dysfunctional homes. These young ones are like computers receiving information. If you interrupt the download too often, there will be huge gaps in the data and the program will become corrupted. This is one of the reasons why the Bible says, "Raise up a child in the way he should go, so when he is older he will not depart far from it."

Tampering with the public's consciousness

With TV you have to consider that the collective "public" consciousness is being affected at the very same time you are watching yourself. This means that while you are being moved consciously and unconsciously ... so is whoever else watching at the same time you are. Whether we know it or not ... ALL OF US are deeply affected by the collective conscious.

We are all dreamers of the same dream!

The satanic energy force wants to dilute and pollute that dream. It seeks to numb us so we no longer know what we feel. If we are numb to what we feel, then we are apt to try anything just to FEEL again. This is why so many get caught up in addictions of all sorts. It is not because the addicted are bad people. It is because they are numb ... and now deeply lonely in a way that no one can touch ... only God can do that. But if we are not in union with Love, (Loving others and ourselves consistently as Christ commanded), God will seem too far away; therefore addiction(s) will only grow... rather than be ended.

Dark energy promotes addictions and numbness

Satanic energy seeks to grow addictions like a garden, so trust is lost in our own ability to self-govern ourselves and our own lives. Satanic energy wants us to become convinced that we require others' decisions as far as whom or what we should be, rather than taking our lead from the Holy Spirit and thinking for ourselves. Satanic energy encourages us to become trained by our ego not to turn to God for help because of the sense of shame and unworthiness we may feel. Ego is then given a chance to take root in us to a deeper level ... so that it can shepherd us further into destruction.

Watch out for becoming NUMB or apathetic!

Christ told us, "Be Hot ... Be Cold ... but be luke warm and I will spit you out of my mouth!" Once our consciousness is numbed, then the UnLoving satanic agenda can creep in and have its way with us and our lives. People who are highly clairsentient (psychically sensing) can tap into this easily, so satanic arrows are always sharpest for them.

Clairsentience and sensitivity

Clairsentience is the ability to sense Spiritual activity around your environment. You will literally feel a message and transcribe it into thought. Satanic energy does not want you doing this, because the most powerful predator is the one who remains unseen and unnoticed.

And if clairsentient people are not ALWAYS properly mindful and protected, they can be caused to become ill emotionally and even physically.

Now in saying this, I am not saying that you become obsessed with fear about satanic energy, but at the same time I am recommending to you that you not fall asleep to what can lurk around you when you are not watching.

Developing Clairsentience

People who are developing their Spiritual walk naturally develop Clairsentient ability. This is why I caution all people on a Spiritual walk to watch where they are walking in life ... very carefully! Enjoy the journey by all means! But seek to be wise as you go along.

The reason I tell you to be wise, is because Satanic energy loves nothing more than to scare the hell INTO people! The hope is that you become so fearful of the unknown that you STOP your Spiritual investigations and pursuits. These pursuits are Holy Spirit driven and are actually giving you tools to fight satanic energy. Satanic energy knows that if you SEEK long enough ... the HOLY SPIRIT will become obligated to show you new Spiritual truth. Sometimes that is not always so lovely to look at! But at least you will know what is really out there. Satanic energy does not want this happening, because in your search you might learn of the very methods that would drive it away!

In the early stages of Spiritual growth, Satanic energy may try to creep in and scare you about what you are experiencing. You may experience scary "ghost" like activities going on around you. This is quite natural. All around us our whole lives we have had supernatural activity going on. Part of growing in the Spirit is being able to discern when it is happening. Satan wants you to become intimidated about this. Don't let it happen! Take control of what happens in your life and your living space and you will diminish the satanic energy's power and scare tactics in time.

Clairsentient people are highly talented. And it is to these individuals I strongly recommend that they heed my advice above. Clairsentient people can often feel an unseen energy 1 inch in front of them and in the beginning stages of Clairsentience they might stand in place (apart from others) and not make a move for quite a long time until they can figure out exactly what the energy or frequency is that they are so strongly sensing.

Clairsentient people will tend to have periods where they become over loaded and then feel led to save themselves away from others. Many will sleep during the day and stay up at night. The reason for this is because the effect of the collective consciousness is not as strong, because mostly everyone in their geographical area is asleep. But not many people are aware of this therefore they feel bad about their need to avoid others, when they are merely being instinctive. For years and years I kept finding myself not going to bed until the sun started to come up. I always tried to get myself on a .normal. sleeping schedule, but no matter how hard I worked, during times when I knew I did not have to be up in the morning, I kept finding myself wanting to stay up later and later and then sleep during the mid morning/early afternoon hours. The peace I felt at night was considerable. Then later I learned about what it means to be a Clairsentient person and today I would say I always plan to do a large amount of my creative activities late at night. I find that my thinking is much clearer, precise and original.

There are times when Clairsentient people will fall into depression and not know why. The biggest reason for this is because they subliminally feel the great despair of the world going on around them and may feel powerless to do much about it. It is vital that we always keep faith in God.s plan and hold to what we know to be the walk of Christ in our daily lives. It is also VITAL that we learn to WALK WITH GOD in all we say and doing during our day. The best way to hear from God is to always be ready to hear from God - and the best way to do that is to walk with our Creator consciously.

There are many times when I have not properly shielded myself or I have burnt the candle at both ends and then allowed myself to become energetically run down. During these times, I may have to slow down and keep to myself for period of time until the energy storm that I feel going on around me subsides.


While it is important for every Christ-based Lightworker to take breaks from the stresses of everyday life ... we must also never allow ourselves to stay down and out of the game of life for too long! God needs us, for it is our job to get out there and help our Creator heal the world and the children within it.

Super Bowl 2004

Now a quick story ...

In my house during Super Bowl 2004, we had a major attack and it happened while we were watching the Super Bowl game. As it happened, the game was being held in my hometown of Houston, Texas. Now to be honest, I am not really that big of a sports fan, but the energy in the city was so massive from the game being played here, that I curiously tuned in to see what all the hoopla was about. Also, I found out that Beyonce Knowles (the recording artist) was singing the National Anthem, so I wanted to see her perform and support her, as I worked with Beyonce in the studio years ago and I think rather fondly of her.

About half way into the game, I felt totally worn out and suddenly angry. I was in a terrible mood for what seemed to be no reason at all. In fact, I felt awful! Then I realized what happened. I had not properly prepared myself for such a massively observed event and I got zapped not only by the collective consciousness ... but also by the heavy doses of satanic frequency coming through the TV!

Then with the crude MTV half time presentation by Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake and their stage presentation ... the rage and confusion I tapped into by the public at large was absolutely enormous. All I can say is ... Satanic energy was in full force that day! And it used every opportunity to lower the collective consciousness' vibration.

It has always interested me how after events such as this occur, a crisis will come around the corner that will demand the public's Christ based attention and compassion, but everyone's vibration will still be so low and recovering from the attack ... no one actually sees what is going on around them or puts into effect Loving solutions. Then everyone gets clobbered from behind!

Anyway, it took me a good week to get the energy better in my home. And I am used to it being really good all the time. So ... be aware! And in your house ... while you are watching for evidence of Satanic energy in your home ... WATCH OUT FOR THE LOWER FREQUENCIES!

The Bible calls Satan, "The Prince and the Power of the Air." Now you know why!

Be Blessed!

Love, Laughter and Light,
Christian Andréason

Copyright 2004 Christian Andréason

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