• June 2021: New extension to BRGM: sampling of multiple reconstruction through Variational Inference. Updated paper here. Also, new updated code-implementation in PyTorch here, for both Bayesian-MAP and VI inference schemes.
  • January 2021: New pre-print: Bayesian Image Reconstruction using Deep Generative Models (BRGM). I used StyleGAN2 for reconstructing images corrupted by any corruption process. SOTA performance on super-resolution, at low input-resolution, and inpainting. Code and pre-trained models now available on the project page.
  • September 2020: Talk on GANs at the Harvard DBMS Clinical Lecture Series. See video recording and slides.
  • July 2020: Talk at AAIC conference on final results of the TADPOLE Challenge.
  • July 2020: Poster at AAIC conference on BrainPainter.
  • June 2020: Wrote blog post on why generative models are important
  • February 2020: TADPOLE Challenge results paper now on arxiv. We present all participant algorithms and complete analysis of the competition results.
  • September 2019: Three of my papers were accepted at MICCAI 2019!
    • TADPOLE (oral at PRIME workshop): preliminary results of Alzheimer’s prediction challenge
    • BrainPainter (oral at MBIA workshop): a software to generate brain images useful for neuroimaging studies, by e.g. highlighting specific regions according to user input.
    • Disease Knowledge Transfer (poster at main conference): novel method for transferring knowledge across neurodegenerative diseases
  • August 2019: BrainPainter now available straight from the browser:
  • 9-21 June 2019: I will be attending the CVPR and ICML conferences in Long Beach, California. If anyone is around, get in touch!
  • June 2019: Tadpole Challenge Final Results will be announced on Friday 14th June 14:00 BST via YouTube:
  • May 2019: Paper describing the brain visualisation software (BrainPainter) uploaded on arXiv.
  • April 2019: Our paper on the progression of Posterior Cortical Atrophy was accepted in Brain!
  • March 2019: Our paper describing DIVE, the spatio-temporal disease progression model, was published in NeuroImage.
  • February 2019: Started postdoc at MIT with Polina Golland working on neroimaging analysis of stroke.
  • January 2019: Defended my PhD thesis at UCL. Stanley Durrleman and Janaina Mourao-Miranda were part of the examining committee.

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Generative Modelling

Develop models for generation, reconstruction and manipulation of images, text or other high-dimensional data.

TADPOLE Alzheimer's Prediction Challenge

Challenge to predict the evolution of subjects at risk of Alzheimer’s.

Disease progression modelling

Modelling the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and related neurodegenerative diseases

Visualisation of Brain Pathology (BrainPainter)

BrainPainter is a software that generates visually appealing images of brain structures.