Mountain Pass

As Mario struggles to get through the wall of mountains in his way, a wrench whizzes by his head. He looks up to see a column of Rocky Wrenches taunting him. "These are our mountains, see?" "You ain't never gettin' across!" "Yeah, you're goin' down!"

1. Election Day, e.g.
2. Bibl. list shortener
3. Otherworldly glow
4. Aptly named plumber/inventor Thomas
5. Mr. Television
6. "Balderdash!"
7. Assent while asea
8. Coquettish
9. Soul, in Paris
10. Container for a busboy
11. Divided 50/50
12. Greek marketplaces
16. They're out of this world, briefly
18. Comm. system for the deaf
22. Action star Jean-Claude Van ___
23. How fries are fried
24. Where most store entrances are
25. Juilliard deg.
26. Like the hills?
27. RUN\___\RUN (punchline to a joke)
30. Curses
31. What Brits sit on
35. It was intentionally destroyed in 2001
36. Weapon named after its inventor
37. They're raining, in song
38. Sawyer's employer
40. Treat that often costs a quarter
41. Like an unfolded sheet of origami
42. Trunk lines
44. Rank below cpl.
45. ___ rap
46. Comment while getting lei'd?
49. Triple Crown category
50. Flowering plant with spined leaves
52. It's used for battering
53. Letter after Z
54. MA cable provider
56. An ending for the record books?