Solution to Famous Faces

by Joel Corbo and Allen Rabinovich

This puzzle consists of 10 pictures of actors (well, one is a musician). Each of these people played a character whose name is a number:

Lucy Lawless (Cylon Number Three on Battlestar Galactica)
Robert Wagner (Number Two in the Austin Powers films)
Carmen Electra (Six on Tripping the Rift)

James Root (#4 in the band Slipknot)
Richard Briers (Fiver in Watership Downs)
Elijah Wood (9 in 9)

Jenna von Oy (Six LeMeure on Blossom)
Colin Mochrie (Two on Seven Little Monsters)
Patrick McGoohan (Number Six on The Prisoner)
Lauren Tom (Numbuh Three on Codename: Kids Next Door)

The placement of the pictures suggests a phone number: 326-459-6263. If you phonespell this number, you get the answer: FAMILY NAME.

This is yet another puzzle idea that was originally proposed as a metapuzzle which we were able to reuse once it didn't get selected as a meta.