by Jennifer Braun

Solution: PRICK

The names of famous people are grouped in threes. Each triplet features members of the same fraternity in college.

Leonard Bernstein, Sid Luckman, Harold Ramis - Zeta Beta Tau

Gene Kelly, JFK, Ed McMahon - Phi Kappa Theta

Jim Davis, Bruce Davison, Bob Schaefer - Theta Xi

Lee Iacocca, William Tecumseh Sherman, Steven Spielberg - Theta Chi

Art Garfunkel, Jerry Lewis, Gene Wilder - Alpha Epsilon Pi

These fraternities all have chapters at MIT.

The flavortext tells you you need to pick these people up on time and get them to MIT safely. MIT has a transportation system called SafeRide which runs four shuttles to all the fraternities, sororities and living groups. This shuttle is on a half-hour cycle. If you take the time that SafeRide will pick up at the each of the fraternities above and translate to letters you get:

ZBT - 7:16 - P

PKT - 7:18 - R

ThetaXi - 7:09 - I

Theta Chi - 7:03 - C

AEPi - 7:11 - K (155 Bay State Rd.)

Which spells PRICK.