1 - 1 = 1

by Mike Selinker


Each word can be transdeleted (losing one letter, then being scrambled) to a clue word. Each clue then refers to two members of that category, one of which is a transdeletion of the other.

Ladies related to Steve Martin's character in Father of the Bride: Annie - Nina = E

Noble gases discovered by Ramsay and Travers: Xenon - Neon = X

Ingredients in Rachael Ray's crab salad on Food Network: Oregano - Orange = O

Voice actors on the Nineties TV series Spider-Man: Barnes - Asner = B

Top coaches at Stanford University for the ninety two season: Walsh - Shaw = L

Italian Americans who have covered "Over the Rainbow": Satriani - Sinatra = I

Ford vehicles smaller than compacts: Festiva - Fiesta = V

Speakers in Twelfth Night's Act three scene one: Olivia - Viola = I

First names in the top quarter of last year's US FHM hundred sexiest women: Cameron - Carmen = O

Head coaches for the Detroit Shock: Lieberman - Laimbeer = N

Deep elves part of the same generation as Angrod in Tolkien's Legendarium: Aegnor - Argon = E

Brothers in the rap act Pretty Ricky: Mathis - Smith = A

Factions in the Kevin Sorbo Hercules show's "The Outcast" episode: Centaurs - Cretans = U

Defensive tackles currently on the Georgia Bulldogs: Weston - Owens = T

Actresses on the Charlie's Angels episode "Attack Angels": Brothers - Roberts = H

Texan professional sports teams: Astros - Stars = O

Extant temples in Mediterranean capitals: Parthenon - Pantheon = R

Categories of United States Armed Forces servicepersons: Marines - Airmen = S

Pleasant family relatives in The Sims: Daniel - Diane = L

Municipalities in the Inventory of World Cities: Manila - Milan = A

Sticky things kids use in arts and crafts class: Paste - Tape = S

Topics of comics containing Tom Mandrake artwork: Spectre - Creeps = T

Inductees into the second Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class: Robinson - Orbison = N

Nationalities of major wars in the mid eighteen hundreds: American - Crimean = A

Basketball gold medalists under Lenny Wilkens: Malone - O'Neal = M

Words after "Lunar" in British names for moths: Hornet - Thorn = E

Deleted letters spell "EX OBLIVIONE" AUTHOR'S LAST NAME, which is LOVECRAFT.