By Greg Pliska

Answer: WITTIG

Blue ...................Geography
Pink ...............Entertainment
Brown ...........Art & Literature
Green .........Science & Nature
Orange .........Sports & Leisure

19, 37, 55, 88, 57/71, 39, 104, 73, 41, 23
24, 42, 74, 106
25, 26, 27, 44, 76, 108
28, 29, 30, 47, 79, 111
31, 49, 81, 113
32, 33, 34, 50, 82, 84, 114, 115, 116

19 How many stars are on the flag of the U.S. state with three different time-zone arrangements? (Indiana)
23 How many independent countries are there in North America (including Central America and the islands)?
37 In January 1951, Defense line llel?
39 What is the Japanese Internet chat slang for "thank you"?
41 How many natural islands are there in the world water? (Lake Titicaca)
55 What is the international country code for calls to Nobel-nominated chemist Otto Gottlieb? (Brazil)
57/71 What California highway ends at the San Bernardino Freeway just north of Pomona?
73 What bus would you take to get from Harvard to the only golf course in Watertown, MA? (Oakley Country Club)
88 On August 8, 1988, six thousand visitors came to what Kentucky town in order to send postcards?
104 According to the company that installed them, how many elevators were there in each of the World Trade Center towers?

24 What Golden Globe-winning TV series requires its actors to trim their hair every five days?
42 During what summer does Hermie experience his sexual awakening?
74 How old, at death, was the portrayer of TV character Lady Elaine Fairchild?
106 What is the first part of the title of the popular BET program tish subdivisions of the 19th Century, the island of Ireland is historically referred to as how many counties?

33 At what age is Jesus Christ believed to have died?
34 From July 4, 1861 to July 3, 1863 the U.S. flag had how many stars?
50 In the United Kingdom, a Golden Jubilee is held to celebrate what year of a monarch's reign?
82 The only interstate exits in the state of Washington still lit with mercury vapor streetlights are on what highway?
84 In what Pennsylvania town will you find this war memorial?
114 In 2001, how many Geneva Convention signatory countries adopted a three-page declaration re-affirming that the terms of the conventions applied to the Palestinian territories?
115 What anniversary is being celebrated by the Phi Beta Epsilon fraternity at MIT this year? 
116 How many years was the 100 Yearsto Buddhist teachings, there are how many planes of existence?

31 According to Buddhist teachings, there are how many planes of existence?
49 What lot number is Pierce Inverarity's stamp collection?
81 What sonnet begins, "Or I shall live your epitaph to make"?
113 What is the first psalm in the Hallel?

28 By what name is the parrot Barnardius zonarius semitorquatus commonly known?
29 Rounded to the nearest year, what is the half-life in years of strontium 90?
30 At how many degrees (north or south) do you find the horse latitudes? 
47 By definition, a strong gale moves at no less than how many mph?
79 What is the 22nd prime number?
111 The smallest magic square using only prime numbers (and 1) has a magic constant of what number?

25 The American Kennel club allows how many characters (including spaces and punctuation) in the names of registered pedigreed dogs?
26 The NFL all-time losing streak, belonging to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their inaugural seasons, spans how many consecutive games? 
27 To the nearest inch, what is the circumference of a regulation professional bowling ball?
44 What jersey number did the Atlanta Braves retire in honor of baseball76A basketball fan cheering in the Wachovia Center arena would be most likely to have what number on his team paraphernalia?
108 How many cards are used in the game canasta?

Mapping the numbers of each color on a periodic table spells the answer word WITTIG.