By Roger Barkan

Identifying all the pictures yields the following (Top row on the
left, bottom row on the right:)

3/9: Chinese chicken / Stop think
5/8: Wasabe / Smoking man
0/9: Drumstick / Aquaman
0/6: Watching X-Files / Chalet Swiss
6/8: Harrison Ford (George & Gerald) / Bust rhymes (Busta Rhymes)
2/0: China / Hoodwink
0/9: Big / Frantic
2/3: See the show / Sailor moon
0/0: Sting (Homer is getting stung) / Leann Rimes
5/6: Summon fish / Brain
-/6: Samurai / Fake (Barbara's Bush's confiscated fake ID)
5/6: Value / Tantric
0/0: Dish / Stops tickin'
5/3: Snickers / Bert Kaempfert (He wrote Wonderland by Night)
9/3: Sushi / No lights on
2/2: Hold (Signal for holding in hockey) / Chickadee (State bird of both states)
8/8: Mad hits (Alfred E. Neuman) / Guaranteed to satisfy
E/3: Dans la maison / Frying pan
5/5: Vertigo / That cartoon has got the boom
3/2: Achin' (Clay Aiken) / Tiny nubs
3/9: Kurosawa / You try to match wits (Battle of wits scene from "The
Princess Bride")
2/9: Stinkin' / A set of better clubs (Straight flush in clubs)
8/3: Anime babes / Grow
0/2: Waiver / Think the wrong thing
3/9: Get in tune (piano tuner) / Finest of the flavors
2/3: Try to hold me but I bust through / Mad films (parody from Mad magazine)
9/6: Irons / Shake
2/8: Backswing / Vanilla
2/2: Break / I don't make films (Actors' strike)

All of the above are words and phrases from the song "One Week" by
Barenaked Ladies.In fact, it is possible to rearrange the picture
pairs (rotating some by 180 degrees) such that the lyrics from the
first verse are in order on the top row and the lyrics from the second
verse are in order on the bottom row.Note that when a piece is
rotated, the numbers on its front must be _rotated_ as well, so a 6
over a 3 when rotated becomes an E over a 9.Reordered correctly, this
yields the following fraction:


Reducing the fraction (in hexadecimal!) yields EDD1E01EDA, or EDDIE OJEDA.