By Marcy Levey and Brian Tivol

Solvers should recognize that the characters here are all Mr Men or
Little Misses from the line of books by Roger Hargreaves.  A full
listing of characters can be found on the backs of these books, or

Each picture shows a set of characters that share a trait, and there
is exactly one other character with that trait.  Some traits are easier to
recognize than others.

 1. Has a flower:                          Mr Funny
 2. Ten letter name:                       Mr Impossible
 3. No eyes:                               Mr Nonsense
 4. Compound noun name:                    Mr Daydream
 5. A single color with black highlights:  Mr Happy
 6. Name has a K:                          Mr Quick
 7. Unusually long limbs:		   Little Miss Somersault
 8. Has freckles:			   Little Miss Magic
 9. Body has straight lines:               Mr Rush
 10. Has a duplicated last name:	   Little Miss Busy
 11. Has eyewear:                          Mr Uppity
 12. Is green:                             Mr Muddle
 13. Has black lines for hair:             Mr Perfect

Reading the initials of the missing people gives the message "Find
HQ's Mr Bump".  Call HQ, and you should be able to find their Mr Bump
somewhere nearby.  When you do, you'll see that the answer is