Normalville Town Council

Sarah Bagby - Science Advisor
Roger Barkan - Marquis de Normalville
Beth Coffin - Police Chief
Jed Goldstone - Chief Oceanographer
Heather Handley - Athletic Coordinator
Ann Jones - Undersecretary of Waste Management, Chief Caterer
Nathan Jones - TRUCK!
Ray Jones - Out-of-Comptroller
Dan Katz - Minister of Malevolence
Kiran Kedlaya - Institutional Liaison
Derek Kisman - Canadian Ambassador
Rose Koch - Liquor Commissioner
Marcy Levey - Ambassador to the Arts
Brian Litofsky - Intelligence Officer
Chris Morse - the Mayor
Tanis O'Connor - Treasurer
Greg Pliska - Entertainment Czar
Nori Pritchard - Chief Fashion Designer
Todd Radford - Head Tour Guide
Dave Savitt - School Superintendent
Brian Tivol - Town Surveyor
Dave Tuller - Registrar of Probates

With help from our relatives and friends who live in other towns:
Elizabeth Bagby (for art)
Anna Lindgren-Streicher
Angela Lavoie
Ben Monreal
Barbara Morse (for art)
Tim Peeters
John Pliska
Tom Pliska (photoshopping)
Kelly Poon
Ayhan Sahin and Blue Moon Recording (for help with the puzzle "Melody")
Clay Ward and the MIT SAA (for letting us place the can there)
Catherine Leamy for the great Meta Art
Katherine Leskin and David Nedzel (for their help using Stata's Multipurpose room)
Keith Winstein and LAMP