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While slinking around looking for things to steal in the Vatican, you overhear a scholarly debate between two monks -- one large and burly, the other thin and hawk-nosed. You listen politely while Randall and Og investigate how to remove the paintings from the walls.

Brother Timothy: Physical labor lacks the nuance needed to serve our Lord. Turning your mind to God is how we should spend our days. Neither rashly nor timidly should we labor for God.

Brother Mitter: Why is work with our hands rash or timid? The lord is my light, and by that light I make things which are good for him. Empty words alone cannot save an empty heart.

Brother Timothy: Empty words? Much better than empty actions. The flesh is corrupt and sinful. I make free adults with books and a balance. You think the common people can approach god though mere labor? That borders on heresy.

Brother Mitter: God knows what is in our hearts and can judge whether or not our actions are empty. In God we trust, that the labors of our bodies please Him, and so we need not enslave ourselves to the scriptorum to serve him.

Brother Timothy: Do you labor for Church or country? With your work you only help your nation. You should devote yourself to the Mother Church.

Brother Mitter: Behold how good my learned friend is, that he presumes to call sin the honest work I and my brothers do to save the souls of the people!

Brother Timothy: The Church should seek to create educated men who truly undersand God, and let them enlighten the lands.

Brother Mitter: We must lighten the souls of the people first, and give them hope, telling them "in your light shall we see light." For to learn alone is sloth, a deadly sin.

Brother Timothy: It is clear you have never embarked on the difficult task of studying closely the word of God. It is far from slothful. We must bring the people arts, knowledge, and truth. That is what will save their souls. How can they work with good intent without knowing what good intent is?

Brother Mitter: When I go into the fields to work, I tell the people we bring God with us, and they will then know what the goodness of God is.

Brother Timothy: But where is the virtue here? You say you bring them knowledge, but knowledge flourishes in virtue. All you give them is work.

Brother Mitter: We teach them how to farm better, and at the same time teach them the word of God. Their souls are like a lone voice crying out in the wilderness. Should we merely speak to them, or guide them with our hands to God?

Brother Timothy: To spend your time that way is so wasteful. You teach them to perservere and surpass their hardships, but that does not give them knowledge of God.