The Suitcase
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You head out to the port quarterdeck late at night for a moonlight stroll. As you gaze out across the peaceful ocean, you nearly trip over a battered old suitcase. Bending over to take a closer look, you spot a man look as well-travelled as the bag itself. He smiles warmly and proceeds to regale you with tales of his many adventures, with trusty luggage always in tow. "What are your favorite places to visit?" you ask. "Well," he replies, "I'm not generally one for flag-waving so far out at sea, but I must admit that there is one land that I cherish above all others. Every time I visit this place, it is the best of times and the worst of times. Nothing else will do."

A quick glance at the suitcase proves what he is saying: it is covered with stickers bearing the names of two score cities that he has visited, all from the same country.