4.8 Invincible (Solution)

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Author: Ray Jones

This is a Go puzzle.  The sequences of moves are from Shusaku's castle
games (famous because he went 19-0).

R18 P18 H13 F13 B11   game 61
H12 K8  R2  F15 E15   game 70
H11 O13 Q13 G11 N14   game 25
P13 N10 S11 S12 T11   game 68
G14 G15 J15 F12 O17   game 80
E19 E1  F1  D1  ***   game 75  - There is no U.  these are the last
                                 moves of the game
Q3  R3  S13 S12 T14   game 37
J19 G19 J18 P7  O6    game 62
B10 C9  A9  B3  F7    game 36
K6  J6  K8  J7  S8    game 76
Q12 N10 R10 J14 H15   game 24
J14 N12 K16 L16 A13   game 74
P10 R9  Q10 O5  P6    game 63
Q18 G17 F17 D18 E9    game 79

Note the overuse of "go", and the reference to Othello, the most
painful comparison a Go player can hear.

A solver would have to:
a) figure out that it's Go that's being talked about. 
b) notice the title, and connect that with shusaku (easy enough,
  search for "+game-of-go +invincible")
c) figure out that the games are from Shusaku's castle game record.
  This should also be easy enough, since that's what Shusaku is famous
  for, and the mention of "Castle" in the blurb.
d-0.5) find the main Go site.  Kiran had trouble with this, thinking
   that the name/password were for one of the Go servers.
d) find the records (the main Go site has them, they can take the
  name/password from the blurb).
e) search the records for the matching plays.  (mostly just work)

Good hint words: Honinbo, "the title is important", JanSteen, "An
addictive game"

Another thing:

The games are in algebraic notation, which skips 'I'.  This isn't too
hard to figure out, if they use any of the usual Go clients to solve
the puzzle.  The way game records are stored online, however, is as
letter pairs, and 'i' is used in them.  This could be a source of some
confusion, but I'm not sure if it's worth worrying about.

Post hunt note:

This puzzle used to look like this:

      R18 P18 H13 F13 _11  1857
      H12 K8  R2  F15 _15  1857
      H11 O13 Q13 G11 _14  1849
      P13 N10 S11 S12 _11  1857
      G14 G15 J15 F12 _17  1861
      E19 E1  F1  D1  ___  1859
      Q3  R3  S13 S12 _14  1852
      J19 G19 J18 P7  _6   1853
      B10 C9  A9  B3  _7   1852
      K6  J6  K8  J7  _8   1860
      Q12 N10 R10 J14 _15  1849
      J14 N12 K16 L16 _13  1859
      P10 R9  Q10 O5  _6   1854
      Q18 G17 F17 D18 _9   1861

The years are for when the games were played.  I removed them just
before the hunt to make the searching through the records harder.
Unfortunately, this had the effect of making the puzzle much harder.

A) Without the years, the moves look like a long string of moves, so
people tend to get sidetracked into actually playing them.  The
name/password in the blurb should have kept people from getting too
far down this path.

B) It's significantly harder to figure out who the clues are talking
about without the years.

The changes made it much harder, and only a couple teams solved the
puzzle.  The take-away lesson is that I shouldn't have changed the
puzzle after test solving.