4.8 Invincible

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"Where is everyone going?" asked Dorothy.

"To the Castle, to watch the Master play," said a passerby. "He's never lost there, you know. Would you like to go, too?"

"I might as well. I don't know where else I would go. I'm so lost."

Dorothy followed the stranger, until they came to a guard. "Before you can go on," he said, "you must give me your name and password."

"I'll vouch for her. My name is TimHunt and my password is IHTFP. Can we go, now?"

"Go ahead," said the guard, and they passed through the gate.

"Oooh, Othello!" exclaimed Dorothy. "What?!" she asked, as Tim gave her a look that could have curdled milk.

      R18 P18 H13 F13 _11
      H12 K8  R2  F15 _15
      H11 O13 Q13 G11 _14
      P13 N10 S11 S12 _11
      G14 G15 J15 F12 _17
      E19 E1  F1  D1  ___
      Q3  R3  S13 S12 _14
      J19 G19 J18 P7  _6 
      B10 C9  A9  B3  _7 
      K6  J6  K8  J7  _8 
      Q12 N10 R10 J14 _15
      J14 N12 K16 L16 _13
      P10 R9  Q10 O5  _6 
      Q18 G17 F17 D18 _9