4.2: Triple Feature

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"Going to LSC this Sunday, Dorothy?" asked the Scarecrow. "I totally want to see the second movie, but I'd never heard of the first or third."

"Third?" said Dorothy, confused. "LSC's only showing two movies on Sunday, silly. And they both rock!"

a movie in theaters now, a classic western, a recent western, a space opera, a space horror film, a classic slasher, a Viking slasher, a tale of an amnesiac, a tale of a frozen pilot, a tale of a socialite, a tale of a rock star, a tale of an opera singer, an adaptation of an old comic book, an adaptation of a newer comic book, a Shakespearean play, a historical drama, a WWII action film, a Disney movie, a good comedy with an old SNL member, a bad comedy with a new SNL member, a vehicle for a punk band, a vehicle for a rap group, a bizarre mystery film, and a documentary about porn