3.7: Pleasures of Poetry

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Dorothy noticed a sign as she walked down the corridor:

Please pick up a copy of the reading for Pleasures of Poetry for Saturday, January 15.

"Another IAP activity I don't have time for," she sighed, "but let's have a look in any case."

She reached into the envelope on the floor, lifted out a sheet, and began reading. "They call this poetry?! This is almost as bad as that doggerel the Tin Woodsman showed me last Valentine's Day."

Post hunt addendum - At the usual location for Pleasures of Poetry handouts were copies of the poem:
Leah G. Troody (1967-)


As a purplish shade to a donor to Yale,
Or a vessel off ground to a common relation,
A worker ill paid to an age large in scale,
Or an aspect of sound to a marked aspiration;
As these things relate, so does what this is not
To a key piece of data which seems to be sought!

Pleasures of Poetry, Prof. Marty Conostese, January 15